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Vatsnabh Plant Project ::..

Botenical name of Vatsnabh is Aconitum ferox Wall.

Contents of Vatsnabh Project

  • Preface of Vatsnabh

  • Introduction of Vatsnabh

  • Botanical View of Vatsnabh

  • Vernacular Names of Vatsnabh

  • Origin of Vatsnabh

  • Chemical Properties of Vatsnabh

  • A Interesting History & Future of The Vatsnabh Plant

  • Uses of Vatsnabh

  • Toxicology of Vatsnabh

  • Ecological Requirements of Vatsnabh Plant

  • Cultivation & Economy of Vatsnabh

  • Bibliography of Vatsnabh

  • Seeds and Plantation Suppliers of Vatsnabh

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